Welcome to Stable Waters Financial. We believe that financial planning should result in a clear path to the achievement of your financial goals. When the initial planning process is complete, you should have a firm understanding of your foundation and be able to make wiser and more intentional decisions with your money.

We begin with a close look at your cashflow. Most advisors focus on asset management, we do that also, but we want to teach you how to save with your current income in the process.

You know those classes you wish they taught in college? That's what we do. We help you figure out if you need a 15 or 30 year mortgage, how to work those vacations into your budget, and how to save for a down payment/car/thing all while building up your cash reserves and paying off whatever you're working to pay off.

The most important service that we provide for our clients is accountability. We will hold you accountable to the goals that you create and communicate are important to you, while providing sound guidance along the way.

We will challenge you and push you to meet your goals, much like a personal trainer. We will discuss events in your life that may have shaped how you think about or treat money currently. Just like food, money is emotional and you can break or reshape bad habits into good ones with the right coaching and encouragement. And in the meantime, you will learn about investing and we will educate you on the other areas of financial planning: investments, insurance, wills & trusts, and encourage you to actually engage in tax planning. We will provide you with strategies for streamlining your cashflow to more efficiently meet your goals in the short and long term.

That thing you've always "meant to do" called getting your finances in order?

It's time. And we're here to coach you.


Our job is to help you reduce the anxiety related to money.


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